Embrace Change & Focus On The Possibilities

They would rise above their challenges. They would see possibilities instead of limitations. Why not book a motivational speaker whose very message inspires that kind of attitude? Winning through turbulent and uncertain times of change requires flexibility and mental toughness.

Let Rene Godefroy join forces with you. As a meeting planner, choose a keynote speaker who can awaken your team’s spirit and inspire new hope. They need a pattern interruption to shatter their ceiling of doubts and limiting beliefs in order to experience breakthroughs.

Rene’s journey started in a tiny and impoverished village in Haiti. He entered the United States with one pair of pants, two shirts, and five dollars. He did not speak any English. With sheer determination, he went on to become an astonishing success in the US. So What? Let’s see…

Chances are, your team have to do more with less. Perhaps morale is low. Just like Rene, they are starting over. They have to reinvent who they are in order to deal with their new challenges. If not, they risk being stuck rehearsing the past and dealing with a world or village that no longer exists.

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